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The organization was created on the 21st of November 1988 between Mr. José António Leite Faria and Pedro Miguel Leite Faria

The Social Capital was 400 thousand escudos, distributed into two quotes each, belonging to each of the partners.

It was also registed on the same day, the increase of the Social Capital, these initial 400 thousand escudos to 4 million escudos, divided into two equal quotes belonging to the same partners.

The new alteration of the Social pact was carried out on the 21st of March 1989 with the purpose of increasing the social capital to 30 million escudos.

The Social Capital was distributed into two equal quotes of 15 million escudos each, belonging to each of the partners.

On the 9th of May 1990, the social pact suffered a new alteration in which the objective was to increase the Social Capital and the entrance on new partners.

In 1993 on the 18th of November, there was an alteration in the Social pact, in the sense of allowing a constitution of supplementary instalments until the maximum of 50 million escudos.

On the 29th of November of 1995, the Social Capital was modified to 150 thousand escudos and on the 18th of October of 2000, the last increase of the capital of partnership occurred to 200,482,000$00 and it’s convention to 1,000,000 euros, staying with the following distribution:

António Jesus Sousa Faria
Maria Conceição Leite Sousa
José António Leite Faria
Pedro Miguel Leite Faria